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is Greece's largest island and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean after Sicily, Sardinia, Cyprus and Corsica. Tourist Crete is also the most important island of Greece with about 1000 km of coastline. The island of Crete impresses with its incredible diversity. Beautiful bathing beaches, unique evidence of lost cultures, remains of Venetian architecture, fertile plains, high mountains and deep valleys make Crete a popular and varied holiday destination.


also offers everything we need to recover, flee from our everyday lives and simply enjoy life with southern serenity; long sandy beaches, secluded bays, pristine landscapes, countless natural wonders, wonderful cuisine, myths and lost culturs eat every turn.


Morbihan, Saint Malo, Finistere, Pleubian

Saint-Malo, Picturesquely situated on a rock and surrounded by granite walls, Saint-Malo gives the impression of a floating city. Worth seeing is especially the fortification that surrounds the old town like a ring, within the city walls are the so-called "Maisons des Corsaires", houses from the 18th century, which were restored in the late 40s, 2 km promenade with fine sandy Beaches, thalassotherapy center, casino


Many nicknames adorn the island of Corsica.

The Greeks z. B. gave the island the name "Kalliste, the most beautiful". At 185 km long and 85 km wide, Corsica is a mountain range in the sea.

The 1,000 km long coastline offers small beaches with rocky backdrops and miles of fine sandy beaches, which can be found especially on the northern east coast of Bastia to Solenzara.

Moselle ebike tours

4 days, 3 nights - Kesten, Trier, Koblenz or Cochem

Trier  -  Saarburg

Trier  - Metz

starting from Hahn Airport


Moselle Group Holiday Rental

romantic wine village near Bernkastel-Kues, Piesport, Trier

6 sleeping rooms, 165 mē, up to 15 persons + baby




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