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In Normandy, picturesque, wild sea surf on rugged cliffs is combined with calm waves on fine sandy beaches. The white chalk cliffs, rock formations that protrude from the sea are fascinating. The Norman coast can boast beautiful seaside resorts such as Deauville, Cabourg and Houlgate, whose sandy beaches are on a par with those of the Mediterranean. Picturesque places such as Honfleur, Trouville and Bayeux are worth a detour, the mountain in the sea “Mont-Saint-Michel” is one of the most famous buildings in France.

The Aquitaine area borders the Pyrenees in the south, the Atlantic Ocean with its extensive sandy beaches and wide dunes in the west, and inland you can find the lowlands of the Aquitaine Basin with extensive pine forests and the famous vineyards of Bordeaux and Médoc. The Dune du Pila, the largest sand dune in Europe, is particularly well-known.

Many nicknames adorn the island of Corsica. The Greeks z. B. gave the island the name “Kalliste, the most beautiful”. At 185 km long and 85 km wide, Corsica is a mountain range in the sea. The 1,000 km long coastline offers small beaches with rocky backdrops as well as kilometers of fine sandy beaches, which can be found in particular on the north east coast from Bastia to Solenzara.

Brittany, with its 3000 km long coastline, is one of the most charming regions in France and offers a very diverse landscape. It ranges from cliffs to bizarre rock formations, small bays and long sandy beaches. The “Emerald Coast / Côte d’Emeraude” between Saint-Malo and Saint-Cast with interesting cities by the sea and in the hinterland are among the most beautiful landscapes; the “Côte de Granit Rose” with its unique pink rock formations; the Finistère – the part of Brittany that plunges into the sea in the far west and the Morbihan department in the south of Brittany. Morbihan translates as “small sea” and refers to the many, small islands that are located within the Gulf of Morbihan.

Antibes is a city on the Côte d’Azur with about 75,000 inhabitants. It is located between Cannes and Nice and with Juan les Pins has a seaside resort on Cap d’Antibes. The picturesque old town of Antibes is narrow and winding with numerous restaurants and cafes. Port Vauban is the famous marina of Antibes. Juan les Pins, founded in 1882, is the tourist part, but Antibes is also a lively town with fewer tourists. Among several museums, the Picasso Museum in the Grimaldi Castle is the most famous. Provencal specialties can be found in an Art Nouveau hall that serves as a market.

Kilometers of sandy beaches characterize the sunny Languedoc-Roussillon as the perfect region for a relaxing holiday. There are many places on the coast that have modern districts but also have an older district with a traditional village structure inland. In cities like Nîmes and Montpellier, it is just as easy to walk on historical tracks as to devote yourself to shopping or simply to experience the French atmosphere. Historical sights include the Roman monuments in Nîmes, the Pont du Gard aqueduct and the fortress city of Carcassonne.

Provence is associated with fragrant lavender fields, an azure blue sky, warm sunny days, olive groves, Roman monuments and much more. With its many sights in beautiful landscapes, this region attracts many holidaymakers every year. One likes to enjoy the summer freshness in the typical, Provencal places with their very own charm. The intense colors of Provence capture the heart of every visitor.

Winter vacation in France
France has the largest ski area with the highest peaks in Europe. The guaranteed snow in the French Alps and the variety of their ski areas allow each guest to choose the right one for themselves. A seamless transport system makes it possible to discover new slopes and powder snow descents. The excellent infrastructure in the ski stations and the slopes right outside the front door contribute to a successful winter holiday.