Mauritius, the “pearl” in the Indian Ocean is a real “dream destination” away from the great mass tourism. A pleasantly mild climate, breathtaking mountain scenery, wonderful palm-fringed sandy beaches, turquoise water with many water sports, excellent hotels and a very friendly population create a paradisiacal setting for your “dream vacation”.

The Mauritians proudly call their island “Paradise in the Indian Ocean”. It lies there like a green jewel – framed by snow-white beaches and deep blue sea and enveloped by the pleasantly warm air of eternal summer, which makes Mauritius a year-round travel destination. Holidaymakers the island offers an incredible variety of landscapes in the smallest of spaces: In the central highlands, the steep walls of extinct volcanoes form bizarre silhouettes against the blue sky. The mountains and the surrounding fertile plains are covered by a carpet of lush, tropical vegetation. Nature lovers will find their very own flora and fauna here Fauna: rare animals, flowers in bright colors, giants of the jungle and fruits. The exotic splendor is framed by a 330 kilometer long coastline, which largely consists of paradisiacal sandy beaches. And as if that weren’t enough, the island is almost full constantly surrounded by a protective wall of coral reefs, so there is lag everywhere pools, whose warm, crystal clear water invites you to swim. For divers there is a fascinating underwater world to discover in the coral gardens. The greatest treasure of the island of Mauritius is its people. In the small world of Mauritius, the descendants of Europeans, Africans, Indians and Chinese live peacefully together. Outside of Mauritius, you would have to travel the world to experience so many cultures in just one vacation. Despite all the diversity, the Mauritians have one thing in common: their open-minded, happy and warm way of meeting strangers. Their traditional hospitality is no coincidence, but an expression of the mutual tolerance that prevails on the island.

Bathing mermaids, water sports enthusiasts and sun worshipers will find no less than 160 kilometers of beaches on Mauritius. Some beaches stretch as far as the eye can see, others nestle in small intimate bays. And what makes bathing fun in Mauritius particularly appealing: The island of Mauritius is almost completely surrounded by a protective ring of coral banks. To protect yourself against sharp-edged corals, however, you should only go into the water with bathing shoes on some beaches. Temperatures in the lagoon are between 22 and 29 degrees all year round. Only very few strips of shore, such as the wild and romantic coast in the south, are not suitable for swimming.

Golfing in Mauritius
Mauritius is not only one of the first addresses for water sports enthusiasts. The island also offers ideal conditions for all those who want to use their vacation to improve their handicap.
A number of excellent golf hotels have been built on Mauritius since the early 1990s, some of which offer their guests championship courses that are unparalleled on the shores of the Indian Ocean: Leading golf architects from South Africa have created championship courses on Mauritius that are among the most beautifully landscaped and the most demanding athletes on the Indian Ocean.
The golf hotels have clubhouses with practice nets and storage rooms for guests’ golf equipment. The guests are looked after by PROs who are also available for private lessons. Practice balls, clubs and golf carts can be rented from the clubhouses.
A total of eleven hotels have their own golf courses, six over 18-hole and five over 9-hole courses: there are also the greens and fairways of a public golf club in the interior of the country.