Dubai has a new provider for desert adventures: Sand Sherpa.

The Sherpa Camp is located in the 225 square kilometer Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR). Adventurers stay amidst the rolling dunes and between the trees. During a safari, participants discover life in the desert, with the Sherpa guide sharing insights and commenting on the impressions. Upon arrival at the camp, the sleeping place, in this case the rooftop tent, is occupied, and each camper receives what is necessary for the stay: dishes, camping equipment, a dining set, and a batch of firewood. Toilets and showers are within walking distance. All meals are prepared together, and guests must also ignite the fire themselves. After sunset, there is the opportunity for a night hike with a personal guide. The morning begins with a falconry walk and analysis of the animal tracks that have newly appeared around the camp during the night.