Arbatax Park Resort, Arbatax, Sardinia, Italy

The Arbatax Resort in Arbatax, Sardinia, is a retreat containing six lodgings and a couple of first-class suites: Telis, Slope, Cottage, Ville del Parco, Borgo Cala Moresca, and Monte Turri. The hotel is situated in the fishing town of Arbatax, which is a position of interest in the space of Ogliastra on the east shore of Sardinia. Ogliastra is perhaps the most perfect locale on the island—wild, unpleasant, and extreme off the coast in the lower regions of the Gennargentu mountains.

The hotel is arranged in a characteristic park that is home to every one of the normal animals and plants of the district and is rich in endemic species. Bellavista Normal Park is home to conventional island animals like mouflon, wild hoard, the little wild horses of the Giara, dilapidated deer, asses, Sardinian sheep and cows, and different birds that have tracked down a home in this saved environment. The retreat has been voted the best eco-resort on the planet from 2019 to 2022 because of its lack of plastic drives and the commitment of the nearby populace to eco-accommodating exercises.

The retreat has nine pools and different game regions spread over the various zones of the hotel. In the upper locale of Villaggio, there are 4 tennis courts, 3 padel courts, a football field, volleyball, and toxophilism. In the passage area of Borgo Cala Moresca, there are two squash courts. Aquagym, high-impact exercise, extending, and Latin American dance classes are presented at both Borgo Cala Moresca and Telis. Additionally, there are different water sports like plunging, SUP, and flyboarding.

The Arbatax Park cabins are situated in one of the most outstanding districts of the retreat and contain 75 rooms furnished with each solace in a chalet on the seafront. Guests of the Lodges and House Suites approach the Loosen Up Pool and the restrictive Sa Gana Bistro; however, you can likewise eat in the retreat’s different cafés (by reservation and at an additional cost). WiFi is accessible in open regions and is free. In the event that you book for 7 evenings or more, you will get a free exchange from Cagliari or Olbia air terminal and a free section per individual (from 18 years old) to the wellbeing area.


A beautiful picture of Arbatax Park Resort Cottage, Italy. hotel.
Arbatax Park Resort, Arbatax, Sardinia, Italy


The Health Place and SPA Bellavista is a cutting-edge office with an area of roughly 2,000 square meters, with water as a fundamental part of prosperity and flourishing. The health community offers different medicines, for example, Turkish steam showers, saunas, profound showers, hydromassages, overflows, and both freshwater and saltwater pools. It additionally offers magnificence medicines and back rubs. All medicines are given close to delightful pool water courses and games. Affirmation (confined to a grown-up crowd) to the wellbeing and magnificence of medicines and back rubs is dependent upon installment for all visitors to the resort.

Yoga is likewise presented at the hotel. Yoga animates the sensory system and lessens weariness. It is an extraordinary method for unwinding and interacting with the nature around you. Long-term wellness is one more choice for individuals who accept that dealing with their bodies is the way to physical and mental prosperity. From June to September, ten game weeks are upheld by real LongAge specialists and wellness mentors. Different choices are accessible depending on your taste and needs.

Here is an outline of the exercises accessible at Arbatax Park Resort:

Youngsters: All kids who have picked Ogliastra for their days off are free to find, live, and tell experiences, culture, and many amazements. Joining the club is free for youthful guests, who get a customized pass that grants enlistment in the VIK framework, support in completely organized exercises, and the assembly of focuses. Any person who partakes can climb the progressive system of the Bellavista Normal Park Official Corp during a changed learning experience that ranges from select status to leader.
Jump: The “Nautica Center” plunging focus with its ensured staff will go with you on your excursion of disclosure to the astounding seabed of the Ogliastra, its caverns, reefs, precipices, and relics.
Tennis: Your tennis examples will be held by specialists from the Tennis Sun Ball Establishment. Five counterfeit turf pitches for individual and gathering designs for all ages and levels.
Kayak: Mess around with the kayaks at the harbor on the beachfront.
Cagliari Calcio Day Camp: Defeat the soccer field with the Cagliari Calcio Day Camp. The Cagliari Day Camp is intended for youngsters aged 5 to 13 who need to work on their strategy and football level. It further develops soccer abilities under the administration of Cagliari Calcio mentors. A whole week was dedicated to messing with the assortments of red and blue (group tones). It is a remarkable opportunity for the young men to develop their instructive viewpoints as per the objective.

The Cagliari bunch is known for its upsides of fair play, fortitude, and joint exertion both inside and outside the field. Individuals wear the readiness unit required for the course: the Cagliari Day Camp Pack.


A beautiful picture of Arbatax Park Resort Cottage
Arbatax Park Resort, Arbatax, Sardinia, Italy

The Arbatax Park meeting center is arranged in the central piece of Telis and contains a significantly adaptable entire passageway that can accommodate up to 340 theater-style seats. This space can be converted into four congress anterooms with 60 to 170 seats in execution place style. There are another six rooms that can accommodate up to 40 theater-style seats. All rooms have ordinary light and are furnished with a flipchart, video projection structure and screen, a sound system with enhancers, Wi-Fi, selectable lighting, and cooling. Given specific assistance, secretariat and social occasion, copy help, additional telephone and web lines, pioneers, PC with master, simultaneous comprehension, and cooking are a portion of the services advertised. Rentals of sound video equipment and custom organizations are additionally accessible according to your necessities.

Personal luxury planes are accessible for private purposes with the goal that you, your family, and your friends can go in extravagance, solace, and security. Whether it’s a short-term oceanside trip, a games week, or a fourteen-day shoreline outing, we will persistently find the right personal luxury plane with the goal that you can get to your area securely and hassle-free. Since you approach private terminals, you stay away from the rush and long lines at security-assigned spots at critical air terminals. Nonetheless, personal luxury plane accessibility is liable to change, particularly during the high season. It works briefly, yet not generally, and now and again extraordinarily rather than needed.

Running devotees, from the most experienced contender to the beginner, will track down many inclines and grades on a difficult course encompassed by a shocking climate. Sprinters go through Bellavista Regular Park, which is characterized by its wonderful bluffs and various types of untamed life. The 10-kilometer course crosses the methods of lodging and the streets of the areas of Arbatax and Porto Frailis. A few segments of this new important 10 km course follow the notable “Marcialonga dei tre mari” circuit, which happened a few times in Arbatax during the 80s. Yearly on this course, the “Trofeo Arbatax Park di Corsa” is facilitated, which has top contenders like Valeria Straneo, Daniele Meucci, Marco Olmo, Marco N. Salami, and various different games and trail champions.


A beautiful picture of Arbatax Park Resort Cottage, Italy. hotel.
Arbatax Park Resort, Arbatax, Sardinia, Italy


Experience the energy of people planning between the sea and the mountains of Ogliastra, and experience seven days of game, loosening up, and nature in the astounding setting of the Arbatax Park Resort.

For booking, if it’s not too much trouble, demand your continuous regular expense with precise travel time and number of people (time of youths) for all hotel in the Arbatax Resort.